2012 Photographic Highlights

Here we are – the first day of 2013! I feel like 2012 flew by, and yet so many things have changed since this time last year. As I reflect back on the past 366 days (leap year!), here are some of my favorite captured moments:

DSC_0214DSC_0712DSC_0769DSC_0055DSC_1364 - Version 3DSC_0726DSC_0875DSC_0199DSC_1103 - Version 2DSC_0155 2DSC_0821 - Version 2DSC_0878DSC_0115DSC_0666DSC_0975DSC_0289DSC_0221 - Version 2DSC_9413241499_1958251080111_1559735253_oDSC_0624 - Version 2DSC_0296DSC_0173 - Version 8DSC_0189 - Version 2DSC_0915 - Version 2DSC_1964 - Version 2136020_509591922384487_1911356566_oDSC_0262DSC_0708 - Version 6DSC_1376 - Version 2DSC_0005DSC_0345 - Version 3DSC_0152 - Version 4DSC_0220DSC_0597620721_509278395749173_1120265961_oDSC_5703 - Version 3DSC_0610DSC_0412 - Version 2DSC_0595 - Version 2664625_509591659051180_2034376764_oDSC_0830DSC_0213 - Version 2209409_1942154397704_458528633_oDSC_0423 - Version 2475378_536045416405804_1443830166_oDSC_0238DSC_0306DSC_0156DSC_9284DSC_0132258751_1958243359918_1995614574_oDSC_0590178628_522983511045328_852451920_oDSC_0155DSC_0257176004_509591962384483_1629751675_o334373_509591999051146_1402681499_o133883_1958230999609_1159082123_o338956_1691750337759_265397793_o135362_525751207435225_1781261768_oDSC_0051DSC_010157262_522983654378647_840158573_o

Excited to see what 2013 has in store! Happy New Year everyone!

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One Response to 2012 Photographic Highlights

  1. There were a few photos I could not go to the individual posts and “like”, so here they are: the middle age couple walking on the beach (the fat man with the colorful swimming trunks in the background makes the photo for me); father and daughter by the fountain; B&W of the lady crossing the street (it has a WWII era vibe); and the old lady with the colorful cotton ball cap.

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